Projects In Progress

List of projects that are in progress.
Note: Documentation is Incomplete.

Reverse Engineering a Porsche Battery


I stumbled on some exotic 48v Porsche prototype Battery modules, lets try and make them talk and sort out their architecture along the way.

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Electric Outboard V2: Hydrofoil Adventures

Attempting to get an electric row-boat to hydrofoil.

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Hey Dane!
What have you been up to over the 2020 Quarantine?

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Weird WiFi:
802.11ah Adventures

802.11ah is long-range WiFi, intended for namely internet of things. It supports some fairly high bandwidth links, so what about rovers?
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Diesel Heater Upgrades

I inherited a pile of parts from a china-clone diesel heater, this project turns the pile of parts back into a working device and attempts to use some of the waste heat to power on-board electronics, such that they don't drain the blower battery.

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E-Torque Motor Reverse Engineering

There's this beautiful motor, 14kw of delicious 48v induction, all it needs is three can buses and some in-can-tations.
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Lithium Titanate Module Conversion

A really interesting battery chemistry, capable of high speed charging. Converting existing modules into something more e-bike shaped.
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Convert industrial server fan to desk fan

A curious commodity: 10" diameter mildly used industrial server-fans.
These things sometimes live on top of server chassis and perform ventilation, but they also find themselves in industrial cabinets. The goal here is to convert into a 'useful' desk fan / general window fan with the aide of some printed parts, thermal inserts and a well placed googley eye. 
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Imaging Turn-Table

Taking slow spinning photos of hardware is great for documentation, i had some spare quarantine-time and this was born to slowly turn a model and take time lapse looping animations.
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Pomona Mag-Clips

I was looking for a way to organize my cables and this is a method i came up with to keep mostly my USB cables sorted.

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GOES Satellite Monitor

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Goblet Of Fire

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Snowblower Robot: Googley Headlights
Lenovo X60 Outdoor Science-ing laptop

Doomsled Development

Mantis Gen-1 Microscope Upgrades

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City E-Bike

Part road bike, part front wheel drive linear accelerator, the story of the errand-bicycle that's survived a half decade of potholes.

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Rover Test-bot

Part rover, part snowblower brains. This is a platform i used for verifying sensors and GPS way-point navigation, instead of carrying around a giant snowblower.
Electric Outboard V2 Testing

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Repairing a Gen-1 Charge-point

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Snow-bot upgrades 2019

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3DR Solo Battery Upgrade

Astro Photography with Big Optics

Danger-4: A Battlebots Experience
Mountain E-Bike
Dane-ger Island Weather Station

Ice Monitor V1

Battlebots 2015: Overhaul V1
Bluebot Upgrades 2018-2019

Battery Thermal Test Chamber

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Hyperion 1420i Travel case

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Induction Outboard V1

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3D Printed Canoe V1

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[I'm currently in the process of documenting these projects, give it some time]
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