Projects In Progress

Projects that have not actually been finished, but are in progress.
Note: Documentation is Incomplete. 
Project Image Project Title / Link
Date Started
Brief Description
Media / Instructable?
Diesel Heater Upgrades I inherited a pile of parts from a china-clone diesel heater, this project turns the pile of parts back into a working device and attempts to use some of the waste heat to power on-board electronics, such that they don't drain the blower battery. Photo Directory
E-Torque Motor Reverse Engineering There's this beautiful motor, 14kw of delicious 48v induction, all it needs is three can busses and some in-can-tations. Photo Directory
Imaging Turn Table Taking slow spinning photos of hardware is great for documentation, i had some spare quarantine-time and this was born to slowly turn a model and take timelapse looping animations. Photo Directory
Pomona Mag-Clips Photo Directory
Goblet Of Fire Photo Directory
Hey Dane!
What have you been up to over the 2020 Quarantine?
Starting from March 2020, some of the things that happened Photo Directory
Lithium Titanate Module Conversion A really interesting chemisty, capable of high speed charging. Converting existing modules into something more e-bike shaped.  Photo Directory
Repairing a Gen-1 Chargepoint Photo Directory
Can you hydrofoil a rowboat? Photo Directory
TestBot V2 
Obstacle avoiding rover
Part rover, part snowblower brains. This is a platform i used for verifiing sensors and gps waypoint navigation, instead of carrying around a giant snowblower.  Photo Directory
City E-BIKE Part road bike, part front wheel drive linear accelerator, the story of the errand-bicycle thats survived a half decade of potholes. Photo Directory
Electric Outboard V2 Induction outboard Photo Directory
Satellite Weather Monitor Photo Directory
Snowblower Robot: Googley Headlights
Snowblower Robot: 2019 Upgrades
Lenovo X60 Outdoor Science-ing laptop 9/16/17
Doomsled Development
Mantis Gen-1 Microscope Upgrades
3DR Solo Battery Module
Astro Photography with big optics 
Danger-4: A Battlebots 'Experience'
Mountain E-Bike
Outdoor Standalone Weather Monitor
BlueBot Upgrades 2018
Battery Cycling Thermal Chamber
Hyperion 1420i Repairs and Upgrades
Induction Outboard V1
Ice Duckie MK I 
Battlebots 2015: Overhaul v1
3D Printed Canoe: A Curious Idea

[Im currently in the process of documenting these projects, give it some time]
This site is intended to inform and provide information via documented projects. 

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