[10.23.19]  Lab Organzing: Pomona Magclips

This is a quick writeup on cable-organzing & lab sorting.
There's a comical assortment of USB, Display and other cables that end up either shoved in a bin, coiled up and left on top of something or some combination of the two. I wanted a quick way to access them and identify what I actually had.

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Some Project Background
As you may have guessed this is a rainy day project. I had found a few Pomona XXXX cable holders on ebay [link to model], but unfortunatley they were geared toward probably fixed diameter extra large BNC cables. Not terribly clear what was supposed to fit in these.
So i hatched a plan, the pomonoa cable holders were fortunatley steel, so a small in-line adapter that took the miscelaneous cable sizes and converted them to pomona-rack spacing seemed like a reasonable plot.
Have you seen these adorable little magnets on mcmaster? They are 1/8" diameter and 1/8" tall. They are also remarkably reasonably priced.

So lets make some adapters
Quick solidworks modeling happened. I wanted to make sure the plastic adapters would sit in and not rotate so a small protrusion is added to match the size of the pomona clips
I had a number of different diameter usb cables so I opted for two discrete cutouts which seemed to fit most of the cabling. Odd sized ones would just get some hot glue treatment.
I made a few printed adapters to test fit things, i got lucky and the small magnets friction fit into place. I found that using a small pair of plyers was enough force to perma-jam the magnets in place. Glad that no glue ended up being required.
Now that the test fit is complete, time to fire up the ancient makerbot to make a few batches of cable adapters.
I started with batches of 8, as historically long prints generally result in some kind of mishap. Loosing 8 printouts isnt the end of the world, loosing 36 would be kind of annoying.
Next up, time to add some magnets. Two per adapter and I had purchased arond 50 tiny magnets total, so the first batch was 25 adapters.
Next up, shove in some cables. I found that the "blue mini-usb cable" that came with the cheap arduino clones fit really well in the large position, while the thin micro-usb cables snapped fairly well into place on the smaller position. The small magnets do a reasonable job keeping things in place, but still are easy to remove. I chose to leave the mating connector facing up


(There's other photos in the photo gallery)
Concluding Remarks:

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