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Projects (listed by date), both finished and nearing completion [pending a well needed vacation]

Project Image
Project Title / Link
Date Brief Discription video/
Adding Pwm Audio to an AVR 1.30.08 Exploring the reproduction of audio using a digital pwm output of a microcontroller and some basic rc filters. Vid
Mack Truck bulldog Eye modification  12.27.07 Adding led eyes to a mack truck hood emblem img
Super simple composite -uhf converter  11.08.07 A basic composite (television) signal upconverter from VCR components
Eclub Metal Casting  10.20.07 Creating and testing a blast furnace made with readily available equiptment (with video) vid
Intro to avr's 
10.20.07 This is a brief intro to bascom avr and how simple it is to quickly interface to an lcd and take an analog measurement. vid
E-club Homegrown Projector 9.27.07 A simple lcd projector from an overhead pj, and an old lcd monitor img
Super Simple Slide Projector 9.03.07 A slide projector made from an old lens assembly and a power box. img
External Jeep Audio Input 8.13.07 Ripping apart my vehicle radio to add an external input img
Unknown LCD Interfacing 8.03.07 Determining the wiring pattern for a powertip pc1602v img
Tinkering with B/W video 7.29.07 using a microcontroller to generate b/w TV img
Tweaking a power inverter 7.28.07 An instructable for swapping power mosfets on a power inverter instructable
Fixing a broken USB connector on an externa hard drive 7.28.07 Repairing a USB mini connector img
Homegrown Ammo Box Projector 7.20.07 Building a cheap projector in an Ammo tin img
Laptop CD rom -> ide converter 7.14.07 an ide ->laptop ide cd rom adapter img
Toothpaste for dinner LCD modification 7.13.07 img
Bend plexi-glass with nothing more than your iron 7.01.07 img
Simple,  FM transmitter based on the MAX 2607 6.12.07
IED Cannon / projectile motion Project 5.10.07 [vid]
dorm room power moinitor Dorm Room Power monitoring system 5.02.07 This project is designed to measure real power consumed,  and update the data to a display.
Wireless (Inductive) cell phone charger 4.04.07 This was my individual project for IED (intro engineering design) 2007.
Persistance of vision device, for younger brother 1.17.07 This project displays "THOMAS" over the course of an 8 foot circle when spun.
Electrical Bicycle 1.06.07 HTML image directory
Simple hovercraft (younger bro. science proj.)
Dorm Email notifier 11.02.06
The Decomposition Machine 06.12.06 A super ridiculous mulch spinning machine. why limit your mulch to 1 rpm when it yearns for  40?
All electronics lcd backlight modification 6.10.06
Before the college years (below)
The Flying Dutchman Scooter HTML image Directory
[vid] [img]
mini scooter This project was initially created for a biodiesel project (9th grade)



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