[4.10.14]  Excursions and Video

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Development Photos
Electric Scooter: Tundra mode upgrades

Added studded rear tire and homemade ice-skate frontend to the electric scooter project 
Project Documentation

Development Photos
Submersible Thruster Spoolup

The first static testing of the submersible thruster assembly, with completed chasis
Atomic Bumble Prime spoolup

This is the first spoolup test of the atomic bumble battlebot. 
Project Documentation

CNC a propeller

Machining a propeller for the submersible thruster project, using the MITERS CNC

Electric Scooter in the snow

Test riding the electric scooter with a front snow-fork assembly

Electric Scooter Outdoor Testing

Testing the electric scooter offroad
Project Documentation

3D Printer Upgrades

Casting a Cake Mold
Project Documentation

Submersible Thruster Spoolup

3D Printing Panorama Track

First tests of the Dane-ger scooter mk1

First demonstration of the 3d printer scara arm

Launch of IMAGER-1

The launch of a high-altitude imaging platform assembled in ~30 hours
RPI Electronics Club High Voltage night 2009
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Development Photos
RPI Chem-E-Car team 2007
2007 FSAE Demo Vid
2006 FSAE Demo Video

Building the Vibrobytes

Development Photos
AVR sound

Using PWM from an avr microcontroller to generate 10 bit audio from an rs232 stream

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