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This project / write up is in progress, check back for more soon!

Project Started: 08/2017: Reformatted 01/2024

These are some of my favorite things 3D Prints ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

12V Machining Light Fixture

This is the bulb mount I use for the 12v spot / flood lighting for both CNC and lathe activities. It works really well for localize lighting when mounted on a microphone-flex arm, and being 12v it's fairly harmless in a wet environment.

3 junction drawing of solar cell 3 junction drawing of solar cell

Go Pro Snow Shield

Have you used a gopro on a snowy day? The lens immediatley getting covered in slush? Fear no more, we have noisy server fans.

Small Bins for organizing end mills

I have a tool chest with abnormally shallow-height drawers. You literally can not purchase small sub-dividing containers, so I went for some small printed ones. There are two sizes, 4" x 2" and 6" x 2", to account for a variety of end-mill sizes. There are two small inserts in the bottom of the print for 1/8" magnets. The small magnets attach with superglue and work well at preventing the drawers from sliding about when the cabinet is opened quickly, but do not apply so much force preventing removal.

3 junction drawing of solar cell 3 junction drawing of solar cell

110V Server-fan Print

I have found a number of these 10" 110vac 'server-case fans' in my travels, they are somewhat ubiquitous, either 254 or 250mm. They work great as cheap cooling during hot days. Shown is a time-lapse of some of the parts required to make the portable server fan assembly.

3 junction drawing of solar cell

Taranis Q7 Gimbal locks

I upgraded my RC transmitter from a hobbyking HK 2.4ghz 6-ish channel radio to a Taranis Q7 for all the extra good bonus features. This model was from thingiverse and printed on a maker-bot clone quite well. Printing notes: used a raft due to geometry, printed in PLA at 0.15mm layer height at 35% infill with supports touching build-plate.

3 junction drawing of solar cell

Mantis Microscope Mount

The mantis microscope is a really neat optical contraption, instead of a bi-focal microscope you have a really hard to describe "3D stereo microscope". The gen-1 mantis microscopes were optically excellent but mechanically janky. A common failure was the upper mount just straight up shearing over time. The plastic seems to just degrade over time. This is a fully 3dprinted base and mount for the microscope.

3 junction drawing of solar cell

Mantis lens Mount

This adapts the non-existent older generation of Mantis lens's to the newer MCO series lens's

3 junction drawing of solar cell

Pomona Mag Clip

It took a while to sort out a way to organize cables. You're doing a project, you want a micro usb cable to talk to an older arduino, but the go-to had always been a file cabinet drawer full of chaos. My solution was to grab some surplus 'Pomona' slotted cable mounts and make these generic parts that sit in-line with the cable, take up a fixed amount of space and prevent the cables from falling out.

Camera Weld Screen

Camera weld screen thing

Neat Vase
[thingiverse link]
Wrench Holder
[thingiverse link]
Manfroto Mount
[thingiverse link]
Baking Sheet Label Mount
[thingiverse link] [local copy]
Shark Comb
[thingiverse link] [local copy]
Roomba Dust Bin Thing
[thingiverse link] [local copy] 
Wall Hook
[thingiverse link] [local copy]
Craftsman Bandsaw Blade Insert
[thingiverse link] [local copy]
Quart of oil funnel
[thingiverse link] [local copy]

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