[05.23.21] Quick-Build: 10" Server Fan -> Desk Fan

What if Mike Wazowski was a 10" 110vac fan?

Ok, joking aside, 10" server cabinet blower fans are super common industrial leftovers. While they come in a variety of CFM's they are either 110 vac or 220 vac single phase devices, with either a dumb synchronous motor or an internal fancy soft start controller. I keep finding these things, either leftovers from large research project racks or the like and they are so much better than target / big box store consumer-grade desk fans.
Why are off the shelf small desktop fans so incredibly mediocre? Either way, lets convert one of these industrial workhorses into a cute desk fan to beat the heat.

Bill of Materials
Printed Parts Assembly Guide

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Bill of Materials
This is fairly straightforward, the bill of materials is really basic
Price ea
10" or 254mm 110/220v fan 1
free surplus item

10" / 254mm fan grills
$ 3.00
[Digikey] [McMaster]
M3 Thermal inserts
$ 14.00 / 100 inserts ($1.40 ea)
[Amazon] [McMaster]
M3 x 12mm screws 8
$ 6.36 / 100 screws ($ 0.063 ea)
[McMaster] [MSC]
Power Cable with switch
$ 15 ea.
10-24 thermal inserts 4
$ 10.78 / 50 ($ ea)
Threaded Rubber feet 4
$ 14.50 / 25 ($ ea)
optional SPT-1 connector (if the fan is connector-ed instead of just hardwired) 1

A few 3D printed parts

A googley eye (somewhat optional)

Cable mount


Printed parts
There's only 3 printed parts, two base prints and one handle. The fan itself is the structural thing holding everything together. I found that the feet parts needed more infill, while the handle benefited from higher resolution.

Assembly Guide

(There's other photos in the photo gallery)
Concluding Remarks:

* Really really install the fan grills, you will injure your finger if you don't.

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