ATOMO:  The Electric Bike Project

Build Process for converting an Alternator into a 3 phase Perm Magnet Brushless Motor.
Step # Description Details / Images
1 Get a crufty alternator Locate an alternator, scrap yards or wherever. a 'random alternator' should run you 30 bucks if not free.
2. Open the alternator
Chances are its rusty, use some sort of penetrant (liquid wrench / homebrew)

3.Remove Electronics Basically the 'electronics' for the alternator is a 3 phase bridge rectifier and a device to modulate the field current based upon alternator loading. remove it, there should be 3 inputs going to it. CUT OUT THE PLASTIC ELECTRONICS BOARD ITS NOT HARD
4. Attach three phase outbound cables There should be 3 or 4 wires coming from the alternator (wye or delta configuration, where wye has the centertap connected). either work perfectly, assuming you can build a 3 phase motor drive for either.
5. Make A new ROTOR
[Take measurements]
ok, so you've got a beautiful 36 pole motor winding assembly, and you want to make a 12 pole rotor: crank up solidworks, do some cad'ing and make some measurements. you want to use an iron or other permeable material. no aluminum.
6. Order some magnets go here:
Find a good magnet for your sized rotor. note the 12:36 ratio works really well. (36 poles, 12 magnets) im using 1/4* 1/2 * 1.5" N40 magnets. sufficient strength for this purpose
7. match and wrap motor core Documentation will be added shortly Documentation will be added shortly

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