ATOMO:  The Electric Bike Project

Long-Distance Electric Bike created from 'cruft'
1: Project Goals 2: Collecting Parts + Design 3: Build Process 4: Alternator-> 3 Phase Motor 5. Paint 5: Video & Test Footage! Notes

An electric Car would be Sweet.  I got to play with all sorts of electric and hybrid vehicles over @ GM last summer, but affording one is another thing entirely. This project revolves around building an electric bike from scratch, paying as little as possible while having a range of 40 miles. Try finding an electric-hybrid bike that'l do 40 miles for cheap. a friend built an electric motorcycle, its awesome, and i needed one, albeit less motorcycle more bike. Being able to tool @ MIT made this all the more possible

Teaser Images:

Part 1: Getting a grounding: Define the goals
Goal Details.. Priority Level
Sustain 30mph (in electric assist mode)
I want to get places in a moderatley fast manner 9
Being legal to drive The transport should be legal enough so that i don't get recursively ticketed 1
charge in less than 3 hours
and have the charger on the cycle (portable) 8
Have a 1950's asthetic I had the privledge of watching some friends play Fallout3, and i really liked the postnuclear asthetic. I wanted to find a way of shoving it into this project. 5
Sturdy Mechanical Stuff if the cycle is going to travel 40 miles, it should actually do so without requiring constant maintainance 9
MAKE IT FROM MANCHESTER TO CAMBRIDGE make it from my place of internship (NH) to Cambridge (MITERS). Without myself or the cycle dying (at a 40:60 ratio of biking to electric power riding) 9
Make a small radioisotope based power supply for battery maintainance. (Beta source based)
Unfortunatley its very difficult to actually have a licence to do this, so i ended up having to abandon adding it to the cycle. Prototype reactors were built but not tested, due to lack of fuels x
The Real Goals
Cambridge Mass (MIT) is an exciting place on weekends, Manchester... not so much. This is basically so i can get there without burning 20 bucks in fuel every time i visit. its an hours drive and traffic sucks in boston, not to mention that people there are insane drivers
TLDR, there's nerdy folks @ MIT to rock out with.
Being Moderatley Different
Electric Bikes arent new. DIY folks have been at this since 1895 (First electric trycycle).
What I wanted was something that could travel a moderate distance (30 miles), and have 'safe' failure modes.
If a motorcycle drive train fails, you cant pedal it home. Same with most mopeds. With this you can. You can not only pedal it back, but in a motor failure case, you could remove the massive batteries, hide them somewhere, cycle home, pick up the pack later on.
moreover, while your cycling, your not driving a motor constantly, your only propelling the vehicle.

Way less mechanical drag = better ease of use, less wear

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