Projects In Progress

Projects that havent actually been finished, but are in progress. Note: Documentation is Incomplete. 
Project Image Project Title / Link
Date Started
Brief Description
Media / Instructable?
City E-BIKEPart road bike, part front wheel drive linear accelerator, the story of the errand-bicycle thats survived a half decade of potholes. Photo Directory
Electric Outboard V2Induction outboardPhoto Directory
Satellite Weather MonitorPhoto Directory
Snowblower Robot: Googley Headlights
Snowblower Robot: 2019 Upgrades
Lenovo X60 Outdoor Science-ing laptop9/16/17
Doomsled Development
Mantis Gen-1 Microscope Upgrades
3DR Solo Battery Module
Astro Photography with big optics 
Danger-4: A Battlebots 'Experience'
Mountain E-Bike
Outdoor Standalone Weather Monitor
BlueBot Upgrades 2018
Battery Cycling Thermal Chamber
Hyperion 1420i Repairs and Upgrades
Induction Outboard V1
Ice Duckie MK I 
Battlebots 2015: Overhaul v1
3D Printed Canoe: A Curious Idea

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