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Projects, Trips, Adventures and Miscelaneous Tinkerings

Atomic Thing Upgrades
Flying Nimbus MKIIITruck Transmission Mounts
Motorama 2015Fission Product
Chibi-Thing: ICE MODE Ryobi Upgrade
Dell 2407 DisassemblyDell 3007 Repair
DustblasterJumpsuit Upgrade
Ice SurveyMIT Battery IAP 2015

Jumpsuit UpgradesFlying Nimbus Upgrades
High-res Flying NimbusHyperion Repairs
Makerfaire Detroit 20142.007 Gokart Summer 2014
The Flying NimbusChibi Atomic Jeep
Canoe UpdatesLost PLA Trial 1
Canoe Oar 2.007 Gokart Spring 2014
Kerbal HelmetThruster Testing Part 3
Ice ScooteringMiters Drill
Dewalt Drill Upgrade Makerfaire NYC 2013
Atomic Bumble PrimeSubmersible Thruster Testing Part 2
CNC Propeller
Submersible Thruster Testing Part 1
Beach ScooteringFilm Scans
EL Suit130A Meter
Kerbal HelmetHyperion 1420i Case
Portable Jigsaw Repair 3D Printed Propeller Design & Testing
Scooter Contraption Bluetooth Headphone Repair
Bot Blitz 2013 Casting Test 1
2.007 EV 2013 Submersible Thruster
Hexaxon 2013 Semi-circle Camera Track
3D Printer Upgrade 1 Motorama 2013
Tap-Light Upgrade Mars Garden 2012
The Atomic Bumble  Gingerbread Robots

Meeters 2012


Email Checker

Makerfaire NYC 2012
3D Printed CANOE
Electroplating Copper
Getac Upgrades
3Phase [IGBT] motor controller
Macbook Pro GPU reflowing
3D Printer Testing
Camera Slider V0.001
Welder Robot
MIT 2.007_EVT Races
Documentation Camera
Headphone Upgrade
Mars Garden V1
Extruder Upgrade
Echo 6: Battery Cycler Mod
EMU Monitor
Theta 0: DC Servo Controller
SHARK KITE: Adventures in kite aerial photography
Makerfaire NYC 2011

Formula Hybrid 2011

[Design Judging &
Competition images]

 Electric Scooter
Makerfaire NYC 2010
A Visit to Brooklyn
 3D ABS Printer Development
Battery Character-izer
The PotRoast- RC Treaded Vehicle
Quadrotor Images [Mcmaster @ Eclub]
Venice, er ... Cambridge
Images from the 2009 IMAGER-1 Launch 
Eclub Presentations
RPI Formula Hybrid 2010 [images by ricky]
The KillerCycle [2010]

Build Night @ Eclub

Eclub HighVoltage NIght II [2010]
Robotic Arm Development [2009]
Printed Circuit Board Dying [2010]
I CLICKR Reverse Engineering [2010]
Air Filtration System [2010]

Eclub UPGRADES' [2010]
Eclub Mill Safety Controller [2010]

PROJECT RAYGUN: Room Ambient light Yellow Green and other coloUr creatioN [2010]
Talking To Satelites [2010]

HELIOS Sunrise Camera Project [2010]
ECLUB UV Exposure Box [2010]
Advanced 3d Bioimaging Project- Images [2009]

Detroit Diesel [2009]
Advanced 3d Bioimaging Project- HARDWARE [2009]
ECLUB HighVoltage [2009]
Kodak Tourist Images [2009]
DIY Phone Project [2010]
Potential Eclub Mill [2009]

RPI Vibrobyte Development Pics [2007]
RPI Miscelaneous Images [2009]
McMaster Climbs a Wall[2009]
Anthony Trajectory Project [2010]
Thomas RC boat Science Project [2002]
Thomas Train Science Project [2005]
The Flying Dutchman Scooter [2004]
Random Adventures Thru Time [2009]

BU Stepper Driver / Controller [2010]
Watchman Boiler Monitor [2010]

Doc Brown Towin' [2010]

most images Dane Kouttron, shoot me an email if you'd like to use it somewhere else.