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Projects, Trips, Adventures and Miscelaneous Tinkerings

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Danger-4: A Battlebot Experience [2016]Ice Excursion [2-2019]
GOES-16 CH8 [3-2019]GOES-16 CH9 [3-2019]
GOES-16 Visible 24hr [3-2019] GOES-16 Infared 24hr [3-2019]
Panasonic Lumix Remote ShutterGOES Satellite SDR Testing
Snowblower Head LightsSnowblower Testing [2-2019]
LiTi Module DisassemblyScooting By The Sea [2018]
Ice Excursion 2-2019 Snowblower Testbot Screenshots
GH3 GF3 combo-charger Doomsled MK II 
Panasonic GH3 2S LiPo AdapterNEC 12v7 Teardown
Snowblower GPS TestbotMantis Microscope Repairs
3DR Solo Telemetry UpgradeLaser Marker Twiddling
BOSS 4 Quadrant SupplyEMS 60-18 Supply Rewiring
Mystery Lithium Ion Module 12S1P  Electric Snowblower
Color Corrected
Robot Art 2018Appley Automaton 
Buick Lacrosse Hybrid Battery-inverterPower Winching
Torque Systems Motor TeardownCombined Ice Racing Winter 2018
Big Bertha Astrophotography Thermal Chamber Tinkering
Ice Racing Skeleton SledCharge Point Teardown
GF3 External Power AdapterBluebot Upgrades 2018
Mellon RewindingPowerwheels On Ice
Hyperion 1420i IIGimbal Upgrades
Craftsman 109 Lathe RepairLasercut Reel Holder
Portable Hot Air ReflowThermal Chamber
Electric Snowblower UpgradesBattery Testing Thermal Chamber
Makerfaire NYC 2017Makerfaire Detroit 2017
2013 Nissan Leaf Drivetrain Lytro Illum Camera
Bluebot Harmonic ReplacementUSB GF3 Charger
Torqueedo 801Ariens 48v AMP24 Snowblower
Sevcon TeardownHyperion 1420i Travelcase
IBM X60s upgradesMeanwell Ebike Charger
Induction Outboard V2NiMh Ebike Testing
MountainsliderMountainslider Overseas
HP PLZ50-100A Load UpgradesChibi Atomic Upgrades III
12V Hot Air Reflow GunDewalt 9180 Repair
Bluebot Harmonic Gearbox UpgradeEberline RO20 Ion Chamber Backlight
Blue Robot Awakening and ARTBluebot Upgrades
Microscope Led Ring Light AdapterRoche 454 Genome Sequencer Teardown
Ice Survey [1-23-2016]Ice Survey [2-14-2016]
MIT IAP: Intro to Batteries [2015] MIT IAP: Intro to Batteries [2016]
Chibi Atomic 2016LED Light Cover
Ice Ducky Deploy 1-18-2016Makerfaire Detroit 2016
Dane Island TripIce Ducky: Modeling Career
Appley Automaton Up! Mini Cooler
GoPro hero 2 Lens RepairGoPro Battery Adapter
Ebike Hub Motor testingEbike Adventure: Kankagamus Highway
Nissan Leaf Pack Disassembly Roche 454 Scienceing
Strawberry BotTinyboat and the 1kw DC thruster
Panasonic GH1 Shutter Quick FixDRS X7 Battery Upgrade
Makerfaire NYC 2015Franklyn Institute
Chibi Atomic Thing Upgrades IICanada Science
Chibi Atomic Thing Pre NYC Makerfare 2015Makerfaire Detroit 2015
Atomic Thing UpgradesIce Monitor
Flying Nimbus MKIIITruck Transmission Mounts
Motorama 2015Fission Product
Chibi-Thing: ICE MODE Ryobi Upgrade
Dell 2407 DisassemblyDell 3007 Repair
DustblasterJumpsuit Upgrade
Ice SurveyMIT Battery IAP 2015

Jumpsuit UpgradesFlying Nimbus Upgrades
High-res Flying NimbusHyperion Repairs
Makerfaire Detroit 20142.007 Gokart Summer 2014
The Flying NimbusChibi Atomic Jeep
Canoe UpdatesLost PLA Trial 1
Canoe Oar 2.007 Gokart Spring 2014
Kerbal HelmetThruster Testing Part 3
Ice ScooteringMiters Drill
Dewalt Drill Upgrade Makerfaire NYC 2013
Atomic Bumble PrimeSubmersible Thruster Testing Part 2
CNC Propeller
Submersible Thruster Testing Part 1
Beach ScooteringFilm Scans
EL Suit130A Meter
Kerbal HelmetHyperion 1420i Case
Portable Jigsaw Repair 3D Printed Propeller Design & Testing
Scooter Contraption Bluetooth Headphone Repair
Bot Blitz 2013 Casting Test 1
2.007 EV 2013 Submersible Thruster
Hexaxon 2013 Semi-circle Camera Track
3D Printer Upgrade 1 Motorama 2013
Tap-Light Upgrade Mars Garden 2012
The Atomic Bumble  Gingerbread Robots

Meeters 2012


Email Checker

Makerfaire NYC 2012
3D Printed CANOE
Electroplating Copper
Getac Upgrades
3Phase [IGBT] motor controller
Macbook Pro GPU reflowing
3D Printer Testing
Camera Slider V0.001
Welder Robot
MIT 2.007_EVT Races
Documentation Camera
Headphone Upgrade
Mars Garden V1
Extruder Upgrade
Echo 6: Battery Cycler Mod
EMU Monitor
Theta 0: DC Servo Controller
SHARK KITE: Adventures in kite aerial photography
Makerfaire NYC 2011

Formula Hybrid 2011

[Design Judging &
Competition images]

 Electric Scooter
Makerfaire NYC 2010
A Visit to Brooklyn
 3D ABS Printer Development
Battery Character-izer
The PotRoast- RC Treaded Vehicle
Quadrotor Images [Mcmaster @ Eclub]
Venice, er ... Cambridge
Images from the 2009 IMAGER-1 Launch 
Eclub Presentations
RPI Formula Hybrid 2010 [images by ricky]
The KillerCycle [2010]

Build Night @ Eclub

Eclub HighVoltage NIght II [2010]
Robotic Arm Development [2009]
Printed Circuit Board Dying [2010]
I CLICKR Reverse Engineering [2010]
Air Filtration System [2010]

Eclub UPGRADES' [2010]
Eclub Mill Safety Controller [2010]

PROJECT RAYGUN: Room Ambient light Yellow Green and other coloUr creatioN [2010]
Talking To Satelites [2010]

HELIOS Sunrise Camera Project [2010]
ECLUB UV Exposure Box [2010]
Advanced 3d Bioimaging Project- Images [2009]

Detroit Diesel [2009]
Advanced 3d Bioimaging Project- HARDWARE [2009]
ECLUB HighVoltage [2009]
Kodak Tourist Images [2009]
DIY Phone Project [2010]
Potential Eclub Mill [2009]

RPI Vibrobyte Development Pics [2007]
RPI Miscelaneous Images [2009]
McMaster Climbs a Wall[2009]
Anthony Trajectory Project [2010]
Thomas RC boat Science Project [2002]
Thomas Train Science Project [2005]
The Flying Dutchman Scooter [2004]
Random Adventures Thru Time [2009]

BU Stepper Driver / Controller [2010]
Watchman Boiler Monitor [2010]

Doc Brown Towin' [2010]

most images Dane Kouttron, shoot me an email if you'd like to use it somewhere else.