ATOMO:  The Electric Bike Project

The Build Process:
The gearing. Holy smokes its over sized.
The main sprocket was free, courtesy of MIT FSAE getting rid of it. as you can imagine, its overkill. However free is free, so i designed with it.
after basking in the glory of this sprocket, i fabbed up an adapter for mating the gear to the 'free wheeling' part of the bike tire.
Building a new front fork.
As the front tire had to be a 'free wheeling' tire, it was necessary to increase the width of the front tire gap by 1.48 inches.
Stuff i need to document... Stuff i need to document...
The User Interface for the Cycle.
I milled out 2 holes for semi-recessed analog gauges. The gauges would be used to display anything from volts to distance remaining. I chose gauges because the bike was supposed to have a 40's theme.
Here is a layup with the gauges in place... They both sit, slightly recessed and held in place with a rear tensioning assembly
To increase the carrying capacity of the rear portion of the cycle, iron plates were added to either side
A Cycle Retro-fitted for Two
The rear mounting bracket (for the battery pack - person carrier combo)
square tube stock was used for the foot-hold.
This is implemented on both sides
To prevent:
1. things from falling on the battery pack and shorting out
2. corrosion of the battery pack
3. any secondary riders of said cycle from being shocked

I added rubber matting battery covers
they are removable, and 'comfy' for the second rider.

alright, 'more comfortable' than just riding on the battery pack. not 'comfy'

Issue#1, Starting torque kinda sucks

The first motor i used was from some really old electric transport for some child, I started designing around it, assuming the 400-600 ish watts of output power would be sufficient. It was horribly under powered, so the next logical bet was to make/find a motor. After some thinking i came to terms with the idea of retrofitting an automotive alternator to becoming a 3 phase motor. <Que up next section>

Origional Motor, waaaaay underpowered.