Getting an Unknown LCD Kicking


A powertip pc1602V LCD was lying around, scrounged from a neighbor's old discarded dell printer. Its 16*2, and lacks a backllight, but that will be addressed..... [backlight mod!


I needed an lcd for another project and didnt want to: A spend an exhorbatant amount of money on digikey, B wait for allelectronics to mail one over (ground-ship)

What do i need? 
            - this type of LCD
- Working bascom AVR (demo) + programmer (parallel programmer works fine)
            -some other microcontroller/ programmer thing (with at least 7 IO) (or you could use a shift register)
Datasheet (based on HD44780)
Step 1.

first off i thought i took more pictures, but alas my camera creates a bunch of corrupted images every so often.

The LCD has a 14 pin connection with no marked chips. without power it looks like it could even be graphical (no boxes for characters). So i went with the assumption that its similar to an HD74880 (parallel lcd) 
allready wired up
Step 2.  

Use the above datasheet i made (because i couldnt find one on the net) and it tells you which line's which. oh and heres a blurry pic of the back of the LCD
Step 3. break out some bascom.
The greatest microcontroller IDE: Bascom avr. where else can you control an lcd with a one liner...
LCD "yo momma"  = the words yo moma  on the lcd
In this case i used it to say happy birthday to a friend
Sarah Sher sat behind me in AP stats
 Tips and tricks Lcd Pinout How to diagnose unknown pinout
This LCD has 16 pins chances are (if your lcd is character based) your display has a backlight. or it has the pins for the backlight but no actual light component
This lcd has 4 pins you hit the motherload, and found a serial LCD. Pass go and collect 200 dollars. no seriously, if you cant find a datasheet, locate the ground and the power plane. try it at 3.3 V. if your getting nothing, try it at 5v, consult a spec sheet of another serial lcd from the same company if possible

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