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 A brief listing of projects, hardware designs and DIY tinkerings served up in an html format.
[2.20.18] Chompers: Brushless Obstacle Avoiding Snowblower
Reviving a recycled snowblower, adding new controls and basic thermal vision.
Features long range remote control, vision system and 5+ hours of runtime!
[9.2.17] Mountainslider: Collapsible Electric Mountainboard
Build log of a portable electric mountainboard that shrinks and fits in a normal checked bag, able to be brought on an overseas flight.
[8.1.17] 3D Print Library: Useful prints
Quick list of favorite 3d prints, links to local and thingiverse copies and some associated print time-lapses.
[5.14.17] Roche 454 Sequencer Teardown: Camera Awakening
Waking up the Roche 454 genome sequencer, firing up the internal camera, and taking some test photos. 
[5.10.17] [Quick] Led Ring Light Adapter Bausch  & Lomb Stereo View 7
Download, print and SEE WITH LIGHT
[4.26.17] Reviving An  Ancient Robot for ART
[9.14.16] Aluminum Boat Upgrades
Epoxy, Paint, mechanicals and actual buoyancy

[6.30.16] 1KW Electric Outboard Conversion
Quickly converting a 1.2hp outboard to electric-drive

[6.26.16] Adventures of Strawberrybot
Build-log of a small remote controlled cooler for a strawberry picking event, hopefully soon to be upgraded to 'follow me' beacon control
[6.20.16] Reverse Engineering ARMOR X7 Tablet Battery, DOUBLE CAPACITY
Adding cells is only half the battle, modifying the locked down BMS controller to accept new capacity is a wild ride. 
[4.30.16] GH1 Camera Shutter Quick Fix
[8.22.15] Chibi-Atomic-Thing Upgrades: Detroit 2015
[5.27.15] 30lb Combat Robot: Fission Product
[3.27.15] Dell 3007 WFP Repair
[12.15.14] The Flying Nimbus Updates: Range and Hub Bearings
[10.29.14] The Flying Nimbus: Balancing Skateboard
[8.6.14] Chibi-Atomic-Jeep: Powerwheels Racing
[5.22.14] 3 Phase Submersible Thruster
[5.22.14] Testing The Submersible Thruster

[3.22.14] Electric Scooter: Tundra Upgrade
[2.16.14] 30Lb Battlebot: Atomic Bumble PRIME
[12.20.13] Electric Scooter MK-01: OFF/ON Road Adventures

[10.4.13] 3D-PRINT-ARM: SCARA 3D Printer UPGRADE
[9.28.13] Motorola S305 Bluetooth headphone revival
[4.21.13] Inverse Panorama Camera Jig
[12.10.12] Macbook Pro GPU Reflow

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[9.28.12] Quick Guide To Electroplating Tin On Copper Busbars
[7.8.12] Quick Guide to getting USB wifi card up in Ubuntu 10.04
Quick how-to guide for getting a low cost wifi card up and running in ubuntu 10.04
[6.14.12] 3D-PRINT-ARM: SCARA Robot Arm 3D Printer
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[8.20.11] SHARK KITE:  Low Cost Aerial Photography
[6.22.11] ECHO-6: Adding Coms & Interface To Low Cost Battery Charger
Upgrade Low cost multichemistry charger, adding
external communications & interface to logging software
[7.10.10] KillerCycle- Excercise Bike Game Controller With logging
Quick weekend project
Great for making indoor exercise interesting
[3.20.10] Speed-Dyeing Printed Circuit Boards  

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[2.12.10] Self Re-starting  Access Point
Great for places that are hard to access
Binary led countdown clock
--> Documentation Pending
[2.10.10] UV PCB Exposure Box
Super simple UV PCB exposure box
Safety mechanism and light leak proof
[1.02.09] IBM 7575 Robotic Arm Upgrades
Stepper Motor Install Guide, DIY Driver & Computer Interfacing
[10.05.09] Super Quick Tap-light Timed Fade

(Instructable-ized by reader!)

[09.03.09] Macbook g4 DIY power supply
Power Supply Connector For Tight Situations
[08.03.09] Power Supply Upgrades
Quick Digital Voltmeter for Legacy Power Supply.

[07.25.09] Vari-Focal Dobsonian Telescope
 Attempts at Low-Cost Reflector Telescope
 DIY Variable Relector Assembly, Motorized Focus
[06.17.09] Imaging Balloon of Science

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[06.10.09] Quick Repair Dell LCD PSU

[06.08.09] ATOMO: The Electric Bike Project
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