[10.10.09]  Toothpaste for dinner [Retro Style ]

This page has been updated for formatting but is quite old:
These images were thrown onto the All electronics 256x128 LCD. Here's some details about adding a backlight. 

Conclusion Image Directory

Some Project Background
This project was a quick idea. I had purchased a 256 x 128 pixel graphic LCD from all-electronics, here's a link to the pdf [link] [local copy]
The actual inteface spec for the display is a HG25504, extra double photocopied. The display controller is an Epson SED1330F. Here's a more recent page detailing more about the display:

Frog Shirt

Link to comic: [link]
Frog Shirt (inverted)
Do you speak Geek?
Link to comic: [link]

(There's other photos in the photo gallery)
Concluding Remarks:

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