Tinkering with B/W Video

yes, thats wheel of fortune


Whats cheap, relativley bullet-proof, and can survive a nuclear holocaust? a black and white TV from the 1970's. (its got vacuum tubes!)

What do i need? 
            - some form of televison thats not expensive / really important
- a spare AVR with 2 open I/O
            - Some resistors
- 5v constant power supply (7805 & capacitor works well)
            - a way to interface a composite signal to the TV
            - Some form of televison thats not expensive / really important
- Working bascom AVR (demo) + programmer (parallel programmer works fine)
Step 1.
Cmon, its 3 resistors http://instruct1.cit.cornell.edu/courses/ee476/video/oldindex.html

This image is from http://instruct1.cit.cornell.edu/courses/ee476/video/oldindex.html
Step 2.  
Configure your hardware
In Bascom, make sure your clock speed is defined. note that using the internal resonator (if your chip sports one) mostly works, however its not as acurate as an external oscillator so, some timing may be funky. This results in blurry output

Step 3. how to make a single line (with ~ 6 lines of code)

[note the only images that made it off my camera were testing with a newer TV, will get some more  images with the ol 1970's tube tv later]
{bascom code link}
a vertical line
Step 4 Three vertical lines ( 2 grey, one white)
{bascom code link}
Step 5. How to make a letter T
 {bascom code link}
The Letter T
Step 6 make a simple Black and White screen
{bascom code link}

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