Swapfest Pictures

Yes, these are strait from a CVS camera (albiet processed with an rgb algorithm). (click and see full res shots)
The Eclub @ MITERS (CVS CAMERA + timer mode!)
the gang takin down MITERS
Liam, chillin in the MITERS chair

Tubes, wonderful tubes (swapfest 9-16-07)

The Swapfest Dude 

I asked, whats the best design for a 315mhz recieving antenna. he described the exact dimensions for an equivalent Yagi antenna. amazing
Miters tube tesla coil. (really well done, especially the handwound heater coil)
Casey and liam
(nalgene anyone)

And lo. there was analog meters
Fresh stuff, right out of the trunk
Inside Miters (the've got a fish tank, weve got a feric chloride tank)

notes about swapfest:
1. Bring a voltmeter
2. Bring a geiger counter (ex: thats not lead, its partially decayed uranium)
3. Talk to people, theyre more likely to give you a discount (seriously, i got 1960's flashbulbs for free!)

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 
Electrical & Electrical Power