Quick & Rustic Slide Projector


A moderatley quick birthday present for a film and camera entusaist.

What do i need? 

            - some light bulbs ( i use two 14 V rat-shack ones)
            - an AC adapter
            - a lens from an old slide projector (i know its kinda rare)
            - a household power plug socket
            - an actual film slide
            -some aluminum tape 
Step 1.
Gather the materials
Ok, so as shown the whole device really is just the sum of its parts. (and i didnt take any before pictures)

Mounting the lens

 3. The Innards


 5. Image output (the camera didnt really like the whole low-light thing). The image was projected onto a science project board approximatley 4' wide. yes, it looks better in person

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Electrical & Electrical Power

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