ECLUB Metal Casting @ Andrew's [10.20.07]


Fulfill Zach barth's quest to melt anything that is composed of aluminum into ingots / something useful. 

What do i need? 
            - Homade blast furnace (how to below)
            - Aluminum can's / heat sinks /aluminum scrap
            -  Welding gloves
            - cast iron pot
            -  Kitty litter (for sand casting)
            - safety stuff (mask, boots... etc)
        Working with molten metal and high temperatures can result in injury, so protect yourself and proceed cautiously.   

Metal selection note: check out the pdf link regarding metal melting temperature. Its not aluminum if its magnetic
Making a cheap blast furnace

Note: this entire idea and project was heavily put forth by Zach, he created the initial blast furnace found an 'anvil shaped object'  and got everyone interested. The success of this weekend trip was largley to his efforts.
As shown in the drawing, the 'blast furnace' is nothing more than a turbocharged bar-b-cue that can withstand higher temperatures.
concrete and a pail
after obtaining a 1 gallon tin bucket and slightly smaller flower pot, place a few 1" tall rocks at the bottom of the pail. add the clay pot on top.
next, bore a hole (1.5" wide ) in the clay pot and metal can and place a short cast iron / steel tube through.  Fill remaining area with concrete.
let dry
2.  Hairdryer / fan / forced air
using either a hair dryer or some similar device which can pump large volumes of air through the air pipe, attach to a long 1" in diameter tube (2 feet long). the reasoning for the long tube is to prevent the thermal conduction of heat from the furnace to travel back to the hair dryer.

3. light charcol bricklets using lighterfluid, place cast iron crucible (or pot) on top of charcola bricklets.

Promo Video (with music)
Raw Footage from the CVS CAM

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