Super Quick Casette Tape Adapter

Argh! road trip with no casette adapter? no problem.
A headphone to casette tape adapter consists of a head which converts the analog voltage from the headphone jack (~1v p-p) to a magnetic field waveform. Casette tapes are just a means for storing the audio waveform as a magnetic flux waveform.

So why not buy one? i needed a tape adapter for an 8 hour road trip, wasnt willing to pay close to 20 dollars at radio shack, and didnt mind the quirky sound quality. Thank you fields and waves.

What? : Create a casette tape adapter with components you have at home

Part 1: Getting The Goods
Part Site/ place to get Cost
Used Old casette tape local music store / your parents closet $0.00 -1.00
you should have wire lying around somewhere (phone cable)
headphone adapter
grab these from old headphones / electronics store $0.00-5.00
rubber band market, grocery store, your desk at work, the library $0.00
Software tools:
none necessary

Part 2: Creating the adapter
1:  Open up the casette tape, (normally 2-4 screws)
2: Remove the existing tape and plastic brushes (the area where the tape would interface to the tape player)
Cut a hole in the side of the tape deck for an incoming headphone cable.
4: wrap thin (30gague) wire around the two posts at the bottom of the casette tape 8 times. Hotglue it in place

5. Wrap a small rubber band around the two white tape wheel terminals. This might not be necessary, and its dependant on your tape player.
6. Place two 22 ohm resistors in line with the stereo inputs, and solder to the exciter coil
7. Solder the stereo input to the headphone wire
8. Repackage everything and listen to tunes on your road trip!

<this was written on a train ride from nyc to albany, its a little rough, here's a similar project>

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