All-Electronics Backlight

Problem: All electronics lcd is cheap but has no backlight 

Solution: Add an EL backlight

Step_1: Open up the lcd
The lcd has an outer metal casing. It is held on by a series of tabs on the back of the display. Simply twist them out of the way.
Heres the open LCD. TAKE EXTREME CAUTION!. There are two 'zebra strips' which electrically attach the lcd to the rear  driving pannel. Dont move them around too much.
Step_2: Grab a Backlight. seen here is one of the two EL pannel's from
Here's an EL pannel next to the screen. The EL pannel of choice is about the size of a TI-83 screen.
Next up is laying out the backlight pannels. its best to try and get any air pockets out and have the terminal's on the same side.
The semi-finsihed project, all put back together and held under pressure.
Wham, its a backlit display. Yes, theres a line through the middle. i used two EL pannel's i allready had, the choice for the pannel's is entirelly based on the user.









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