Power Inverter Mod  (instructable link)

Gettin more juice (via voiding the warranty)INVERTER (CASE OPENED)


A 10 minute modification can yield a big increase in your cheap power inverter's performance 


After blowing the main mosfets on a cheap power inverter (~200W) I decided to replace the fets with slightly higher current rating components (IRFP4232). TheAhh, its the obliterated mosfet! power inverter consists of a high frequency DC-DC converter (boost configuration) and a h-bridge circuit to convert the ~140V dc to 120VAC rms.  Replacing the toasted dc-dc fets does yield a higher power output,  however its important to recall that the inverter's high power wiring want designed to pump twice the current, so as always  keep a watchful eye during operation. 

What do i need?  
          -Broken/ flimsy power inverter
          -Information from original inverter's mosfets (part number)

Switching out the MOSFETS

Simple Diagram

Inverter schematic The inverter works on two bacis functional components, a power DC-DC converter and a  H-Bridge circuit. The dc-dc converter can be represented by the diagram on the left.  Obviously, this is a simplified diagram, however the two fet's  become the immediate bottleneck for the inverter's peak output.  Again, none of the other components, like the inductor's or diodes, were specifically designed for larger currents, but thankfully the company that built the device embraced the idea of high durating values.

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