Bend Plexi / Lexan 

Ghetto project: Bend Plexi glass [another use for that soldering iron]


Bend Plexi-lexan with a soldering iron


This was done as an early test project for a later project which required a molded plexi-glass case.

What do i need? 
            - Huge Soldering iron or monsterous hairdryer
            - Some Plexi / Lexan
            - slate/ non thermally conductive material
            - Mold piece (angle Iron/ piping)

How can I make one?

Step 1. Get the Parts
Step 2.       Set it up
(monsterous soldering iron  provides heat to make plexi glass (shown in yellow) malleable)
Ensure that the plexi glass to be bent is heated uniformly. Note that the soldering iron is not touching the plexi, its just in-directly warming it up (to 200~300 F)
-work in a ventilated area (outside)
-Make sure plexi doesnt over heat (bubles start forming)
Step 3.  Make the bend

Using a frame (a shape that the plexi is supposed to mimic) let the malleble plexi cool down. The plexi in this image is 1/4" thick
Step 4. Continue On
Continue with the bending of the plexi using the afforementioned ghetto procedure
Step 5. Bask in the awesomeness
And its a rectangle (thats peculiarly strong)

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