The Decomposition Machine


Lack of biodegradeable waste management system

 The decomposition machine. a device with microcontroller based timing system,     
readout and sensors to spin a container of used biological products (bannana peels and the like).

The Beginning:
 Starting with the initial idea i decided to create the outer frame from scrap 1X3 and chicken wire. the motor to spin the inner decomposition area is a windshield motor which was scrounged from scrap yard. As this was my first outdoor installation, i attempted to waterproof the internals by coating them entirelly in hot glue.
Just a spinning box?
Why would i build a spinning box? this is a temperature sensing,  PWM motor controlled, daylight observing machine of industrial might.
The Modeling

The controller

A video of it operating at night

Concluding remarks: 

    A windshield wiper motor operated a l

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Electrical & Electrical Power