Super Quick: Tinkering with Steam Carving

Super Quick: Gettin' Steam Carving to work with Adobe Photoshop 6 


Well, im a big fan of Photoshop 6. its small, its fast, i modified it to run from a USB drive. Now i want steam carving. Apparently it isnt supported by the pictuel group, but we will see about that. Steam carving, or 'smart resizing' is a novel way of making a larger image smaller without loosing a majority of the data represented in the image. so the picture may decrease by 50 percent, and still be worth 825 words. (pictures worth a thousand words.. bad joke)


just to tinker at the moment. 'steam carving' is a really cool smart resizing method that uses an images geometry and characteristics to remove less pertinant information  

Getting it to work with Photoshop 6:

1. Download their demo LINK Website:
2. Install their plugin installer. select 'ALSO INSTALL IN' and choose photoshop 6 -> plugins

3. Crank up yer photoshop. Navigate to File->automate->smart resize

4. Break open a 640*480 sized image and start tinkering
See below

Sample Output Images
1 Initial Image (somewhere off the google) (640*480)
2 560*480
3 500*480

4 480*480

Whats next:
1. Break out some matlab and write a better steam carving filter (larger than 640*480)
2. Use Processing
to make an active steamcarver.
3. Release the code and matlab m file
4. Make a plugin for NUV (awesome html editor)

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