Super Quick Geek Tie [also on instructables]


I happend to spill some ketchup on my blue-ish tie. 

I'm not a very trendy fashion friendly person, im an engineering student. However, i realized that the ribbon cable that had been sitting in a cabinet would be a perfect material for a new rather nerdy tie. With a few scissor cuts and some folds, you can have your self a very washable, hard to stain, ATA133 compatible tie. Itsalso great for mcguyver situations, when you need wire to hotwire a broken elevator, but you've only got plastic paperclips.


Yes, this is super simple, and will take less than 4 minutes to assemble. There's no glue, no sewing and no soldering.  Grab some ribbon cable, wether it be from your box of stuff from your pentium 1 days, or from your bin of electronic parts, and measure out 1.5 times your armslength. A 6 foot segment is suitable for an economy-sized male.

Giant Roll of Ribbon CableRough sizingMulticolor Ribbon Cable

Just as Science copies nature, copy what allready exists. Grab a tie that fits well and copy its dimensions. Standard paper scissors work well for cutting the cable. After the tie somewhat matches the dimensions of another legitimate tie, simply tie the tie. 

Final Product

Bre Pettis Was nice enough to grab this picture AT NYC Resistor

Photo by Bre @ NYCR, the greatest place in Brooklyn

Trying to tie a ribbon tie

1. Its easy to get stains out of the tie, because its plastic
2. Digikey has like 100' rolls of this ribbon cabl, in case you needed replacement components

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