Past Projects

Past Projects- The Semi-documented files

The Decomposition Machine
The Decomposition Machine
Wireless power- Tesla's answer to mobile devices
IED mini proj
Electrical Cycle
A project with my younger brother
Wireless Serial Terminal
Wireless transmitter
40 min Buildtime - POV
A quick build for my little bro
Modded Mp3 players
External Hard Drive Sleepless Server
The Sleepless server -no its not a mac
Dorm improvement: Gmail Notifier
EL-Backlight Mod
Allelectronics 128X250 LCD

EL BL mod
Altoid CVS CAM Eagle Scout Project
Eagle scout project
Foundations-Motor Controller
how i loved foundations
Ipod/ USB moible rechargeable~Charger
A simple usb device charger
The Hacktop
A work computer


 Really Old Projects:

        Wireless meshing: an Ad-Hoc Solution to networking ['05]


        Brookhaven bridge Comp.


         Huntington Youth Board






Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 
Electrical & Electrical Power